Can We Please Say Goodbye to Goody Bags?

goody bag

Let’s cut right to the chase people.  Goody bags are basically pointless and usually end up in the garbage, right?  Can we come together as moms to ban the goody bag?  Please?

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Why do we often feel the need to wow our little guests when the party ends with a plastic bag of…well…crap.  Do our children need another piece of candy?  NO! How about one more pencil to add to our junk drawer filled with…you guessed it, unsharpened pencils from previous birthday parties?  NO THANKS!  What is exciting about yet another plastic yo-yo or rubber bouncing ball?  NOTHING!

Let me get this straight.  So we the parents, shell out hundreds of dollars so our children can celebrate their birthdays with friends and then have to give gifts thanking them for coming?  The party, pizza and cake aren’t enough?

It’s not the parents, it’s the kids!  They expect a goody bag and really don’t care what’s inside.  It’s that plastic bag of stuff that makes them feel like, “Yeah, I came, I conquered and now I’m leaving with something”.  Really?  I say we all band together and ban the goody bag!

To all those moms on Pinterest, I give you tons of kudos and love looking at your works of art.  Your creativity is beyond impressive but I am not even attempting to go there.

I’ve thought about donating money to a charity in honor of the children who attended the party and while I love that idea, the kids want to walk away with something in hand and I get it.  I don’t like it, but I get it.  Do I want to be known as the loser mom who didn’t give out something cool?  Will I be thrown into the fire with the moms who gave out raisins for Halloween and scarred their kids for life? (Sorry mom…it had to be said).

My son’s seventh birthday party is actually this weekend and I am panicking.  I would rather spend the extra money on the party instead of the stupid loot bags….does anyone even call it that anymore?  Do I start a trend and not give party favors this year?  What if I hear a child say to his mom, “Where’s the goody bag”?  I would feel like a party planner failure.  My son already told me his party would stink without an exit gift to his friends.

In any case, someone has to be the first and be labeled the bad guy.  The question is do I want it to be me?  I am a trend setter and a leader, not a follower…right?  Moms, I know you hate goody bags as much as I do.  I have had this conversation with many of you before so don’t deny that you despise them too.

Here’s to the end of the goody bags that were never really good.  So long pointless plastic toys.  See yah stale Smarties®.  Bye bye boring bubbles.

Can we do this…YES WE CAN  (Did I give you visions of Bob the Builder?  Sorry.)



Since I wrote this article yesterday, I have been trying to figure out something that will make everyone happy…and I did.  I am very excited to share my idea with you and encourage you to all do the same!  Click here to see my goody bag alternative…the perfect solution!