Goody Bag Alternative-The Perfect Solution

If you read my recent article, “Can we Please Say Goodbye to Goody Bags“, you will be happy to know that I came up with an alternative solution to the useless goody bag we all know and love hate.

I am excited to share this concept with you for many reasons.  Take a look at the finished product I handed out this weekend for my son’s birthday party.  My son and I feel great about having given this gift to his little party guests and we hope to inspire others to follow in our footsteps.


  • A great way to start a conversation with your child, if you haven’t already done so, about giving back.
  • A good opportunity to explain that not everyone can have a birthday party and how blessed and lucky your child is.
  • You and your child can pick a charity together, which is a wonderful way to share in the joy of giving back.
  • The birthday boy/girl can feel great that together with their friends, they are helping another child who has been through difficult times in their life.
  • Involving your children when it comes to helping those in need is such a positive trait to instill in them.

The list of benefits goes on and on.  I had many parents tell me how neat they thought my non-goody goody bag was.  As expected, I did have a child ask me where his goody bag was.  I turned it into an opportunity for me to pass the torch to another parent to educate their child on giving back by saying,  “I know you are used to getting goody bags but this is even cooler because we are helping children who aren’t as lucky as you all are.  Ask your mom to tell you more.”

It looks like my attempt to find a replacement for the stale (pun intended) goody bags was a success and a win win for everyone.  The kids got one (not 10) sweet treat, the parents did not have to worry about a bag of plastic junk littering their house and most importantly, children who are less fortunate will receive critical items they so desperately need.

Listen up moms (and dads).  The shift from goody bags to “doing good” has begun, so get innovative and create your own ways to give back involving your kids and your party guests.

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