How to Score Last Minute Halloween Costumes:

We are busy, we have 100 things on our to-do-list and we need to prioritize.  Halloween costumes, while important, may not have made it to your top ten this year.  Have no fear, you are not alone.  The 31st is quickly approaching but there is still plenty of time to score an awesome, unique and possibly cost effective costume this year.  Here’s how:

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  • Consignment/Second Hand Stores:

When looking for costumes for the whole family, this is my first stop without a doubt.  You definitely have to have a little patience, be able to pick through items and be flexible on your theme, but once you discover a gem of an item, it’s worth it.  This year, I spent a total of $6 on all three of my children’s costumes.  Yes, that’s right…$6.  I actually felt guilty and wanted to give the lady more money.

The other great thing about second hand stores is they receive new items all the time so if you don’t find something the first round or you haven’t gotten around to it yet, you can head back a few days later and have a whole new selection.

  • Borrow from friends:

I love this option because it’s fast, free and great use of something that’s sitting in a closet collecting dust.  I know that over the years, I have accumulated so many cute costumes for the kids but as they are getting older, they are playing with them less and less throughout the year.  This means, they are in better shape, available and ripe for the taking.

A great idea is to swap costumes with a friend.  Your kids will have a “new” costume and you’re getting twice the value out of it.  It’s a lot of fun to make a playdate, lay out all of the costume options and have your child “shop” at their/your friend’s house and vice versa.

  • Halloween Pop Up Stores:

Halloween pop up stores are just that.  They “pop up” just for the Halloween season and disappear shortly after.  They are a great resource for costumes, accessories and Halloween paraphernalia but will probably be your most expensive option.  These stores are all about getting rid of their inventory so they don’t re-stock but usually still have plenty to choose from.  Your child’s first pick may not be available as Halloween approaches but with an open mind, you will be able to find something.

You can also take advantage of left over items after the 31st at discounted prices, as many of these stores will remain open a few days after Halloween.  Even though your kids may have no idea what they want to be next Halloween, it’s a great opportunity to purchase discounted costumes, even just for dress up and play time.

  • Get creative and make your own:

When I was growing up, I don’t think my mom ever took me to a costume store.  She actually made all of my costumes, and while she was very talented with a sewing machine, anyone can attempt to create something unique and fun.

With the internet today and sites like Pinterest and YouTube, there are tons of ideas for inspiration and step by step guides.  You may even find you have most of the materials at home.  Making your child’s costume will guarantee it will be one of a kind and special.

Some costumes don’t even involve sewing and are simply a matter of finding things around the house.  Some examples include a sports player, gypsy, ballerina, etc.

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Whether you were the first to secure a costume or going to be the last, your child will be happy and able to celebrate Halloween in style!