The Stages and Phases of Motherhood:


Photo by Vlado. Image ID: 100143151
Photo by Vlado. Image ID: 100143151

With every milestone our children make, one door closes and another opens.  It all starts with the bottle and never seems to end.  Next comes the diapers, the crib, the pacifier and the toddler bed.  Time seems to move so quickly yet when we look back, it seems like ages ago that it all began.

We don’t often think of the stages and phases a mom experiences as we watch our children go through theirs, but they definitely exist.  Some we wish to quickly pass, while others, we wish to be frozen in time.

I always wondered when my title of “mom to three little boys” would shift to “mom to three boys” and I think that time has come.  My youngest is three, which is by no means big, but with two older brothers, it is just not the same when my oldest was three and that was our whole world.   Even so, I find ways to hold on and evidence that old habits do indeed die hard.  I still use Dreft to wash his laundry as I never want to forget that amazing baby scent that causes beautiful memories to flood my mind.  I have no plans to stop any time soon.  I still refer to him as “the baby”.  “Shhh, you’ll wake the baby”.  “I have to bathe the baby”.  “How’s my baby?”

Within the past year, even within the past few months, there have been so many changes and adjustments in his life, which means changes to mine.  Luckily he has been and still is excited about these transformations.  He got let out of jail, a.k.a. the crib, was introduced to big boy undies, discovered life without a pacifier,  and as of two days ago, said his goodbyes to his toddler bed.  That’s a lot for a mom, I mean child, to handle!!!  With each day passing, I notice small signs of his metamorphosis into big boy status.  What used to be multiple times a day of emptying his potty has shifted down to zero.  He is now standing at the big boy toilet…when did that happen?  Is there a smiley face icon that has both a tear and a smile?  That pretty much sums it up.

With all these changes and more to come in the near future, I cherish every kiss and snuggle with my boys.  I often think back to life as a mom to multiple little ones and my days filled with visits to the zoo and aquarium, full diaper bags, diaper rash, strollers and nap schedules…and it all makes me smile.  We all look forward to the days when are kids are in school full time but it is definitely bitter sweet.

There are times I miss those days and have been craving to get a taste again.  Last week my youngest had a day off from school and it was the perfect opportunity to relive the old days.  I put down my electronics and put all my energy and attention into my little guy.  We went to the park, had lunch together, played with Play-Doh, puzzles and watched cartoons together.  It was a really great day that day.  Soon he will be done with the pre-school that all my kids attended for the last seven years.  It has been such a part of my routine that my car seems to drive itself there some days.

I used to want to hold on to the baby and toddler phase but think I am okay with my kids growing up.  I better be because they sure are getting bigger quickly, whether I am on board or not.  Instead of being stuck in one mommy era, I will choose to grow and develop with them.  I am excited to see what the next phase brings…for all of us.

Who knows what lies ahead for me as a mom.  What will the teen years look like?  It is still a ways away for my three year old but not so much for my nine year old.  As long as my children are happy, healthy and thriving, I will be content, no matter what their age.  We will adjust to every new stage that comes along, just like we always have in the past.






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