The TiViTz College Savings Game-A-Thon Experience:

I recently wrote a piece about Tivitz, the exciting online math and strategy game, and their unique College Savings Game-A Thon, where your child can play, learn and earn money for college.  It’s a really cool concept and I myself was curious about the experience of signing up and playing the game.  I enlisted my nine year old and I now think he may need an intervention since he is basically addicted.

Signing up for the College Savings Game-A-Thon was really easy, which was nice.  I wanted my son to have a great experience with playing the game and not bore him with the details of setting up an account.  We did argue about his password though, because he didn’t want me to know what it was going to be and I explained that I need to be able to get into his account.  I think I secretly wanted to play while he was in school and he caught on. 🙂

After our minor debacle, we moved on and signed up, which was again, super easy.  This is what my son’s sign in Dashboard looks like.  Everything he and I need are on here, from seeing his pledges to game performance stats and more.
pic monkey

What’s nice is you can personalize the dashboard by adding a picture of your child and information about their favorite subjects at school and career goals.  The only people who see this is the people you have chosen to ask for pledges, which is important because as a parent, we don’t want our child’s information and picture to be accessible by just anyone.  What it does is allow your friends and family to learn more about your son or daughter.  For example, their pledge will help your child go to college and achieve those career goals chosen by your child.

I should also speak about whom your child is actually playing with online.  The options are to play a friend (another child they may know or someone who is logged in and playing) or to play the computer.  Your child’s picture is not shared and only their username and avatar is shared.  It’s definitely scary allowing your child to play with strangers online but I feel 100% confident that my child is not in any danger by playing TiViTz online.

So now that the account was set up and my son’s profile was completed, we were ready to play.  He LOVED designing his avatar, which gives tons of choices, including hats, body, glasses and even a theme.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.18.36 PMI had to keep reminding my son that this wasn’t even the game yet as he was having so much fun with the Avatar.  You can choose a new Avatar for every game, which is fun and mixes things up a bit.

Now that my son FINALLY picked an avatar he was happy with, we were ready to move along and start playing.  I like that the rules of the game are easy to find with a click of the mouse and it provides very detailed information about every step of the game.

With anything new, it can take some getting used to, but within a few minutes, my son was feeling confident.  With each game, he figured out new tricks and understood more of the goals of the game.  At one point, I had all three kids staring at the screen shouting different moves and giving advice.  (Not sure my son was thrilled about that but we were all so excited and into it, we couldn’t help it).

One snag my son ran into was forgetting to hit the “End Turn” button to let the computer know his move was completed.  There was a timer too so if you don’t click that button, you risk losing your move.  We were all yelling in unison, “Click the button” and laughing.  After a while, he got used to it.  IMG_0034

We ended up playing a ton of games and each time, understood more and more about the game.  We would have kept on playing but had to eat dinner.  It is seriously addicting.  We kept chanting, “Just one more….just one more…”.  I even contemplated logging on and playing while my kids were at school. Just kidding…sort of. LOL

After each game was over, it was time to score, which is calculated using the TiViTz and Goal values from the game.  After the math problems are answered within the given time allotted, scores of both players are assessed and the winner is determined.

The math problems were based on the game level we chose when we started playing.  I like that this is a game that can be played by a wide range of age groups and I also really liked that if a score value was entered incorrectly, it tells you and then the child can work to get the correct answer.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 9.54.29 PM

At first, we assumed we had won because we reached all of our score goals first, before our opponent, but the highest score determines who wins. The placement of the TiViTz with the biggest values on the highest multipliers determines the highest scores. One strategy for winning is to place the highest TiViTz values on the highest multipliers. The other is to race across the board as fast as you can so the other person still has TiViTz left on the playing field.  However, if they have high TiViTz values on high multipliers, it’s still possible for the other guy to win even if you get to the goals first.

It sounds a bit complicated but once you play and understand all the elements of the game, it makes perfect “cents”.  Get it…cents because your child is earning money while playing?  My kids tell me not to quit my day job…A LOT!  What can I say, humor gets me through the day.  Okay, now I am just showing off with my rhyming. 🙂

All joking aside, I was very impressed by TiViTz and my son had a blast.  As a parent, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t sign their child up.   The truth is that our kids are playing video games anyway and if they can get that screen time but also learn and raise money for college, it’s a win win for both parent and child.   The Tivitz College Savings Game-A-Thon has taken a child’s love and passion for online gaming and paired it with learning and ensuring a bright future, to create the perfect marriage.

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*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.