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Don’t you just love Spring?  Even though I live in Florida, there is still a difference in the air, a brighter shade on my nails and pops of color on my clothes.  I was born and raised up North so I totally understand the love of Spring, which means warmer weather, outdoor dining, and fun new style trends.

We can’t forget about the hair of course, since hair is definitely an accessory and can really complete a certain look.  I recently had the opportunity to try a super cool Spring hairstyle, care of Hair Cuttery, the full service, value-priced salon I love partnering with.

I was lucky enough to have David, the Salon Leader over at my nearest Hair Cuttery, (there are nearly 900 locations by the way), meet with me to learn about the look I was seeking.  Even something as simple as taking the time to listen to a client is so important.  Believe me when I say I have walked out of a salon with the complete opposite of what I desired, simply because of lack of communication.  Not the case here.

I am all about braids lately so thought David could put together some sort of fun, loose and stylish look, especially since I was heading out to dinner afterwards.  What I liked about David is he viewed my hair as his canvas and while he had an ultimate plan, he let the hair and his creative vision take over.  The great thing about this style is the messier, the better.  Basically, David could not go wrong and with his magic hands, and when he was done, my hair looked so right!

Time for some pictures!  Enjoy this gallery of images, from when I first walked in to the end result.  Thank you so much David!!!  Bravo!

What I love about this style is it goes with everything and anything.  I could rock a little back dress, I could put on skinny jeans and a cute top, like you see in the pictures, or I could pair my new spring hair with a cute sundress.  This style is very easy to adjust as well.  The bun can come undone and be made into a more casual side braid.

Hair Cuttery is so excited to surpass the one year anniversary of the #MyHCLook feed on their blog. This feed, generated by Hair Cuttery fans, provides easy access to the latest styles provided by its stylists and serves as style inspiration to fans around the country.  Almost 20,000 looks have been uploaded and Hair Cuttery can’t wait to see yours! You can access the blog gallery here: http://bit.ly/1KyWMbk.

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