The Struggle is Real…

I was having a conversation with a girlfriend of mine the other day and she said you totally need to write an article about the struggles we go through.  I agreed and started writing right away.

Yes, the struggle is real people.  It causes us anxiety, uses up a ton of our time, can be very frustrating and forces us to spend a ton of money.  Did you think I was talking about parenting.  HAHAHA.  Oh no…this is not an article about our kids…it’s about US.  Remember us?  We are not just moms but women who want to look and feel sexy and put together.

Now that your confusion has worn off, allow me to explain “the struggle”.  It’s….our hair!  Yes, our hair.  People are suffering in this world and I am defining the word, “struggle” with hair?  Yes, I recognize my beauty problems are not high up with the hardships of the world, but in my world and my friend’s worlds, it is.  I imagine it is for yours as well.


  • Where should you go?
    • Too many choices.
  • How often should you go?
    • Six weeks, three months…???
  • How much should you spend?
    • You paid what?!?
  • How much should you tip?
    • Do you tip the owner?
  • Who wants to spend 3+ hours in a chair?
    • Not this gal.
  • What mom has 3+ hours to spend in a chair?
    • Not this one.
  • Can’t they invent a pill to make your roots grow out a different color?
    • Seriously…get on it people.
  • Do blondes have more fun?
    • From my experience, (and I have been both), yes.
  • The feeling when the towel comes off your head and your new hair color is revealed.
    • A total nail biter.
  • The stress of not being able to get an appointment.
    • We will trade our first born to get in.
  • When your hair dresser that you have been with for years and years breaks up with you.
    • Wow…really?
  • When you go up to random women and ask where they get their hair colored, while not trying to insult them.
    •  I mean, who is a true natural blonde these days?

Why are guys allowed to get grey and actually look really good doing it but we are labeled old hags when one wiry strand pops out?  Yes, I know, we labeled ourselves but still, it’s annoying.  There is a lot of upkeep being a woman.  Hair, nails, clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry…it’s overwhelming.  I always say g-d gave me three boys because I could not handle a girl and all of her needs.  I can barely keep up with myself.  Although I will say, my boys spend a ton of time every morning working on their hair.  Luckily they each have a favorite outfit that they basically wear every day and only own three or fours pairs of shoes each.  Phew!

How many hours do you think we have wasted on our hair and I’m not just talking about our head.  TMI?  Come on…no time to be bashful ladies.  Between it all, there is the waxing, lazering (is that a word?), tweezing, coloring, cutting, shaving….AHHH  It’s all too much.

I’m telling you people, the struggle is real and stressful!  For all those who are reading this and thinking, “is she serious”, yes, I am serious.  For those who get it, help me out here!

So why do we torture ourselves to look a certain way when we aren’t fond of the journey to get there?  WHY?  I don’t know…that’s why I am writing this article…to share my questions and get some answers.  Would it be so bad if we were all to go natural, in every way, shape and form.  The answer is HELL YES!  Kuddos to those that don’t give a crap.  We are all secretly jealous of you.

My opinion?  When we look good, we feel good (I totally used that line when I sold hair accessories a million years ago), plain and simple.  It’s true though.  I know when I feel confident in the way I look, I feel like I can conquer anything my day brings.  Feeling like we are at our best gives us a smile on our faces, even when motherhood says otherwise.  We are always doing everything for everyone and it’s nice to be able to do something for ourselves.

Motherhood is messy but it doesn’t mean we always have to look that way!  Here’s to the struggle…