End of Summer Rhyme…You’re Welcome


Summer is the time to relax and enjoy

Sleeping late, lots of laughs and fun with my boys

Tons of camps which makes my kids smile

My wallet, not so much, the cost is just vile

Mommy Camp, movie nights and lounging around

Eating like crap and feeling quite round

The day can turn sour in a blink of an eye

“I want, I want, I want, what else can we buy?”

How many times in a day can I say

“Stop it, don’t do that, go do something, go play”

School is around the corner but not soon enough

The end of summer can be a bit rough

Everyone is fighting and there is zero respect

It is no wonder, as a parent, why I am so upset

I gave everything I have and am tired and worn

I feel used and abused, tattered and torn.

I love my kids madly but at times I give up

“Mommy, Mommy, Mommy”….WHAT?

I don’t expect a thank you, I don’t expect much

Just a nod, a smile or something as such

It is time to throw in the towel ’cause beach time is over

Now back to school so lets hop in my Rover

(Just kidding it’s a minivan…so not as cool

But it does the trick so I can’t ridicule)

Soccer, lacrosse, swim lessons galore

Only the best and that means door to door

Some days a Master, I definitely am not

But tomorrow I will try to give it a shot

Thank you summer…it was a fun one for sure

Even though for this mom, it was a lot to endure

Now back to my life and to some quiet in my house

That even includes my traveling spouse

School here we come so get out of my way

This Mommy Master has something to say

Parenting is hard and can downright suck

No one seems to listen or care, what the… 

Funny how that goes, ain’t that the truth

What is wrong with our children and today’s youth?

While you figure that out, I must bid you adieu 

Thanks for reading and happy schooling to you!