Time to Shine this Fall:

After a summer filled with lots of sun, chlorine and saltwater, my hair was an absolute mess.  Add to that the fact my hair is bleached AND I live in Florida so not much of a Winter break on my strands.  My hair was dry, sad and in desperate need of help!

You may remember an article I recently wrote about the Cibu hair productsHair Cuttery’s salon-exclusive haircare brand.  If not, to bring you up to speed, I LOVED them and still use them every day.  When I heard about their new Shine Squad Argan Oil Mist, I was really looking forward to testing it out.

23145-HC-RDK-B2G1-PromoPage_Mobile-App4Humidity and my hair do not get along and I suspect many people have the same relationship with the moisture giving culprit.  When you are constantly using a straightening iron and multiple products that don’t work, the results are not pretty.

I first used the argan oil mist on my wet hair after I showered.  What I liked about the product was the non-greasy feeling and how lightweight it was.  There is nothing worse than freshly washed hair ruined by a product that leaves you with salad dressing dripping from your scalp.  Been there…YUCK.

I also used a spritz when my hair was dry and it worked GREAT.  My hair was shiny, healthy and not greasy.  The mist is also a thermal protectant so when I do abuse my hair straightener, and I will, I know my strands will be safeguarded.

Since getting the argan oil mist, I moved all of my other products that make similar claims, to the back of my cabinet and put my new Cibu mist right in the front!  What can I say, you snooze, you lose.  I would definitely recommend this product to use at home on a daily basis.

If you are looking for something even more powerful to bring your summer hair back to life, you must make an appointment at Hair Cuttery for their Cibu Shine Blowout.  I recently went to visit my gal Courtney at my local Hair Cuttery and my hair is still thanking me for it today.  My hair is shinier, healthier and just feels the complete opposite of what it did this summer.

Here is what my hair looked like before.  You will notice it is stringy, dull, over bleached from the sun and in need of desperate help.

It was time to get to work!  As part of the Cibu Shine Blowout, I was treated to a Redken Chemistry and Cibu Shine Squad argan oil treatment, haircut and blowout.  My favorite part was about to begin! Courtney knows how to give a killer head massage.

14203093_1446648975351174_8308974481892351388_nAs she put the treatment on my hair, it was time for me to relax.  I could feel it working and she even commented on how soft my locks felt.  I couldn’t wait to see it.  Next came the haircut.  Nothing crazy…just enough to get my dead ends off.  Courtney and I always have so much fun together!

Hair 5

Next, she was ready to style my shiny strands.  My hair felt lighter, bouncier and my split ends were gone.

The reveal!  I love it!  Thanks Courtney!

The difference is amazing!  If you are looking for an inexpensive and quick way to give your hair life again, head on over to Hair Cuttery for their Cibu Shine Blowout!!!  Don’t forget to grab the Cibu shine spray to revitalize your locks at home.

Thanks as always to Hair Cuttery and Courtney for always making me look and feel my best!

It’s now time for YOU to shine this Fall too!  Click here to find a Hair Cuttery near you. With nearly 900 salons, there is a location for everyone!  Don’t forget to share your new look on Instagram™ or Twitter™, using hashtag #MyHCLook, to be featured in their wall gallery.

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