Family Fun Made Easy? YES PLEASE!

You recently received the latest newsletter from Mommy Masters about the new Bryan Glazer Family JCC, coming to Tampa, opening December 1st. If not, you need to catch up and sign up, because you are missing out!

91706181-2c00-46ac-b551-db2a440db33aWhen I say the Bryan Glazer Family JCC is going to change your life, I really mean it. Can you tell I am excited, as are many in the Tampa area?  The reason is simple: Family Fun made easy! BOOM! It’s so hard to find activities that everyone in the family can enjoy, especially with multiple aged children.  It’s also easy to forget about our needs, since we are always concentrating on our kids. We want to feel important too, am I right?

My newsletter educated you about the amazing and numerous offerings from the Bryan Glazer Family JCC, coming soon to Tampa, but what does that really mean to you as a parent? A LOT!

  • The Bryan Glazer Family JCC cafe will make your life as a parent less stressful:
    • It means access to onsite food will take the pressure off of you when it comes to preparing for your trip to the BGFJCC.
    • It means you don’t have to waste your time packing lunch boxes and snacks for your kids, every time you head on over.
    • It means your child won’t be cranky and hungry, which we all know leads to meltdowns and tantrums, at every age.
    • It means you can feel good knowing you and your family will have access to healthy choices for both breakfast and lunch.
    • It means you can sit down and enjoy a healthy meal as well.
  • The Bryan Glazer Family JCC will give everyone in your family their own time while also providing options for family time:
    • It means there is something for everyone at the BGFJCC.
    • It means that everyone in your family is being entertained, but more importantly are happy and under one roof.
    • It means you can drop your child off at their volleyball and basketball leagues, or swim team practice, instead of just sitting on the sidelines, get in a workout for yourself.
    • It means you can all attend the pool party and family events followed by a nice family lunch all together at the cafe.
  • The Bryan Glazer Family JCC will make juggling life and parenthood easier for you:
    • It means that your children can attend “Club J”, the after school enrichment program, while you are finishing up your day.
    • It means that your child is using their time well, completing homework and participating in enrichment classes.
    • It means there is more time to spend together at home, when everyone is reunited at the end of the day.
    • It means that your child is in a safe and caring environment with dedicated and qualified staff.
  • The Bryan Glazer Family JCC will help you look and feel your best:
    • It means that you will feel more confident and relaxed, therefore becoming a more patient and positive parent.
    • It means there will be over 60 FREE exercise classes to choose from every week.
    • It means you can work out in the morning and then take your child swimming, feeling confident about the way you look.
    • It means a relaxing and therapeutic massage where you can block out and release your daily stresses.
    • It means knowledgable staff that can provide a much needed sports massage after you have pushed yourself at the gym all week.
  • The Bryan Glazer Family JCC will enable you to become part of a very special community:
    • It means you will meet other Tampa families and create a social network, not only your children, but for yourself as well.
    • It means you will have a 100,000 square foot facility to meet up with friends to eat lunch, work out, attend events, watch the kids swim and so much more.
    • It means you will have access to the best of the best, right here in Tampa Bay.
    • It means you always have a special place filled with tons of resources for your entire family to learn and grow together.

I could go on…believe me, but I want you to experience it all for yourself.  You can do so and become a Charter Member before October 31 and take advantage of the best available rates. What does that mean?

  • Complimentary sessions: Personal training, Pilates or swim lesson
  • Advance purchase savings: Packages purchased for personal training, Pilates, massage and swim lessons
  • Be the first to know: As information on these programs become available, Charter members will be the first to know
  • Preferred participation: All pre-opening member events
  • A two week money back guarantee:  It’s doubtful you won’t be satisfied but it is always nice to know you can change your mind

These are all in addition to the membership amenities you will receive when you sign up at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC.  Sounds amazing, yes?  I think so too!!!

Charter Membership Sales Office 
408 N. Howard Avenue-Suite F 
Tampa, FL 33606 
(813) 575-5900

Opening this winter, the Bryan Glazer Family JCC is a multifaceted, transformative community center serving all of Tampa. Our new JCC will have the equipment, classes and instructors to help you achieve optimum health and add richness to your mind, body and soul.