Give the Gift of a First Guitar:

This holiday season, instead of wasting money on yet another plastic toy that will either be broken or forgotten within a week, invest in your child and give them the gift of music.  I recently had the pleasure of talking with Tony Purnell, guitar expert, from Replay Guitar Exchange about the importance of exposing kids to music at a young age.

Thank you to Tony for sharing his wisdom and knowledge with me and now, all of you.  Tony started his music career listening to Rock and Roll when he was a kid.  He recognized he had a talent for music and that music was a positive influence in his life.  He has been in the music industry for over 30 years and is ready to help start your child’s music journey.

As the holidays are quickly approaching, the stress of buying the perfect gifts for our children is real! If there is nothing that they particularly want, why go out and spend money on something they don’t need?  It’s a great time to explore what new activities and interests your child my enjoy.  Some kids love sports while others may prefer theatre and dance.  Have you exposed your child to music?  Not just listening to it but giving them the understanding and theory behind it?  What about introducing them to a particular instrument they can bond and grow with?

Choosing an instrument and attending lessons is just one part of what getting involved with music offers.  As Tony explains, there are many benefits for children:

  • A great way to stimulate a child’s brain
    • Another side of the brain is triggered
  • With an instrument comes dedication and discipline
    • Teaches children how to be responsible for an instrument, keeping it clean and in good shape
    • The more your child puts into their music education, the more they will get out of it
    • Promotes listening to an adult/teacher figure
    • Children get to experience the journey of starting from scratch, putting in hard work and seeing positive results
  • The joys of music
    • Music can be such a special element in a child’s life
    • Music is fun and can open up doors to a whole undiscovered world out there
    • Can shape a child’s vision and career path
  • Music is such a great outlet for kids and their growth
    • It is a wonderful way for them to express their emotions
    • Kids do not always have the tools to express themselves verbally at a young age and music gives them that ability
    • It can transform a shy child into a confident one.

With so many benefits what is the next step for you and your child? It is important to provide them with the right instrument.  When you visit Replay Guitar Exchange, Tony and any of his qualified staff members will size your child.  Guitars can look very big to them so it’s important they feel comfortable with their instrument, otherwise they may not be able to hold the guitar properly.

Tony took me through some options.  If your child is very young, (under six), it may be a good idea to start on a ukulele, since the strings are not steel and easier on little fingers.  If they are older, a 3/4 size instrument could make sense.  Learn more from Tony below:

We all know kids want to look and feel cool and what instrument they choose is no exception. A guitar becomes part of a family and becomes a good friend.  Tony said kids love to name their guitars.

There is a rainbow of instruments at Replay Guitar Exchange and it’s best to bring your child in and see what they are attracted to, once Tony and his staff can narrow down the right size.  As Tony shared with me, kids are visual and attracted to color so it makes sense for the child to come into the store look around and see what catches their eye.  He also said it’s not recommended for parents to sway their child into a particular style and color but let their child’s own imagination lead them.

So what can you expect price wise?  Tony shared that there are ukuleles under $100 that is a good start.  For an older child, plan on spending more than $100 and to remember it is an investment in your child’s musical path.

The great part about Replay Guitar Exchange is it is truly full service!  You can explore and purchase, sign your children up for lessons and even trade in the instrument down the road when your child has outgrown theirs.

There are so many reasons to expose your child to music and introduce them to their first instrument.  The holidays are the perfect time to make that investment and show them the magic of music!  I definitely recommend stopping by Replay Guitar Exchange with the whole family.  As you may remember from my previous article, my kids had a blast and were very inspired.

Lesson Information:
Monday through Friday, 11 am to 7 pm and Saturday, 11 am to 6 pm. Lesson Prices: $35 per 30 Minute Lesson and $60 per 60 Minutes Lesson
Replay Guitar Exchange
3944 Britton Plaza, Tampa, FL 33611
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*This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.