Don’t Feel Left Out…Join in the Fun:

The Bryan Glazer Family JCC in Tampa has been open for business and if you are member and haven’t yet checked it out, what are you waiting for?

When the kids and I walked in and took a tour of the new facility, we were truly blown away.  It was everything that was promised and more! Did I mention it has a hot tub and oh yah…a spa?  YEP!  After I swam my laps in the Tampa “Winter”, that hot tub was my best friend!  As a mom, I think we could all use a spa day!

If you are not a member yet, what are waiting for?  Mark your calendars for January 8 and stop by for the BGFJCC Open House.  Members are of course welcome but for those who are curious as to what the Bryan Glazer Family JCC can offer you and your family, should definitely stop by.  It’s going to be a super fun day for the whole family.

Here’s a taste of the offerings happening at the Bryan Glazer Family JCC.


Parent & Shrimp (6 months – 3 years)

This class is an interactive class designed for young children to gain confidence in and around the water. Emphasis is placed on learning through fun by using songs, games, and colorful equipment. We introduce the following skills: floating, breath control, gentle submersions, survival skills and learning tips and tricks. Parents are required to participate in the water with your child during the class, so come prepared to get wet and have fun.

Pre-school Swim Lessons (ages 3-5): Level 1 – Tadpole

This introductory class is for children who are new to swimming or nervous in the water. Our goal is to develop confidence, breath control and proper body position with instructor assistance. Positive reinforcement is critical to help the child build trust and confidence. Graduates will be able to do 10 relaxed bobs, front float for 5 seconds, get in the ready position, jump to the teacher from the wall and relax in an assisted back float.

Pre-school Swim Lessons (ages 3-5):

This level is for children who are comfortable in the pool and will go underwater without the assistance of an instructor. This level focuses on learning basic stroke technique, improving floating skills, kicking strength and survival skills. Graduates will be able to back float for 10 seconds, use proper kicking techniques on their front and back, swim 5 yards front stroke unassisted to the wall and dive down to pick something up from the bottom of the pool.

Pre-school Swim Lessons (ages 3-5):

This level is for children who can swim independently and are ready to learn the basics of all four competitive strokes. In this advanced level, graduates will be able to swim freestyle with rollovers for 15 yards, swim elementary backstroke for 15 yards, as well as complete dolphin kicks, breaststroke kicks and safe sit dive

Grade School Swim Lessons (age 6-12):

This level is for building confidence and to learn basic water safety skills through fun and games. Graduates will be able to kick on their front and back 25 yards, jump in the water and recover safely, swim elementary backstroke, front crawl for 25 yards, tread water and swim underwater for 10 seconds or more.

Grade School Swim Lessons (age 6-12):

This level focuses on introducing all four competitive strokes. Graduates will be able to swim 15 yards of freestyle with side breathing, backstroke, breaststroke kick and dolphin kick.

Private Swim Lesson

1 on 1 training with instructor (ages 3yrs-Adult)

Semi-Private Swim Lesson

Semi-Privates offer great flexibility and personal attention, plus it’s more fun swimming with a friend. Swimmers are responsible for providing their own co-participant.

Developmental Swim Team: Pre-Team

The goal of this group is to prepare swimmers for participation on our swim team. Emphasis will be placed on refining technique in all 4 competitive strokes.

Developmental Swim Team: Blue I

The goal of this group is to develop proper stroke technique in all four competitive strokes and to develop a love for swimming and physical fitness.

Developmental Swim Team: Blue II 

The goal of this group is to cultivate a love and appreciation for swimming while increasing endurance, health and general physical fitness levels. This is the ideal place to develop great training habits for life or to prepare for upcoming high school swim or water polo seasons

Masters Swim Club

We are an organized, supportive group of swimmers coached by experienced, motivating and supportive coaches. We come in all shapes and sizes and all levels of efficiency. We swim for fun, we swim to meet new friends, we swim for exercise, we swim for competition and some swim for all of the above. But mostly, we swim for our health and well-being. Come and swim with us… it’s that simple. All members are welcome to try a complimentary swim workout with us.        


Member Orientation   

Scheduled by member. Morning, mid-day, and evening times available!

As a new member, you are entitled to our great orientation program, free of charge.  We strongly encourage all new members to take advantage of this unique orientation program. During your appointment you will meet with a trainer to discuss your priorities, history, and do a few active assessments.  Secondly, your trainer will introduce you to our fitness equipment and walk you through a sample workout. They will walk you through each exercise to properly explain form, technique, machine settings, etc.  This appointment will leave you educated and equipped with a customized workout card.

Personal Training                          

Let trainers create a customized training plan, hold you accountable, provide ongoing assessments and show you how to train smart – not just hard. We will help you stay motivated and focused on your goals while you build a relationship with a professional trainer who cares!

Group Personal Training     

3 Trainers have come together to create a group personal training program for our members. From total body workouts, to TRX fun! Members have the option to attend any of the scheduled trainings, within the 6-week period.

$240 for a 12 pack (Members may purchase more than one 12 pack!)

Pilates Reformer                

One-on-One or Duo sessions with a Nationally Certified Pilates Reformer Instructor. Pilates is known for its amazing ability to strengthen your core, improve back stability and create a long, lean, supple look to your body. Clients move through a system of classical exercises lying face down, face up, sitting and standing.

Group Pilates Reformer       

Pilates is known for its amazing ability to strengthen your core, improve back stability and create a long, lean, supple look to your body. Clients move through a system of classical exercises lying face down, face up, sitting and standing.

Single Session: $24, 4 Sessions: $88,      8 Sessions $160

Group Exercise Schedule     

Alissa, can you send to me or I can write, schedule coming soon or call… 

Krav Maga   

The Israeli Krav Maga system is one of the most effective, practical, and holistic fighting systems in the world. Krav Maga will build your body, mind, and soul.  Krav Maga was designed to benefit people of all shapes, sizes, and physical abilities regardless of age.

For Members: $99/ month – unlimited classes, Class Drop in Rate- $17.

Guests: $119/month -unlimited classes, Class Drop in Rate- $22.

Gasparilla Running Group

Join our running group focusing on training for the Gasparilla 5K on February 25. These runs will be led by our staff members to help keep you going and have fun. For runners not necessarily interested in Gasparilla, or looking beyond it, this group will continue and become a long term community running program.

Youth Fitness Class of the Week

Join us every week for a fun, kid friendly version of our most popular group fitness classes, plus some new additions! Come battle it out on the Zumba dance floor, learn zombie fighting skills in kickboxing, or play to reign supreme in interACTIVE Bingo!

Arts & Culture


Monday Movie Madness

The Tampa Bay Jewish Film Festival Invites the community to enjoy the “Best of the Fest” past film festival movies.  We will be showing Hunting Elephants and Matter of Size. Admission is $5 members and $7 Guests. Concessions will be available for purchase. Reserve your seat today at

Drum Circle

Join us for an hour of invigorating family time while drumming and dancing led by Jana Broder from Drum Magic.

Sip & Skype

The Festival of Jewish Books & Conversations presents the Sip and Skype Series a popular series of book discussions with the author. All tickets to the Sip & Skype Series are $5 dollars and include spirts to sip and a nosh.


Pretty amazing, right?  As a member, I am so thrilled to take advantage of these awesome offerings and excited for my kids as well.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Sunday, January 8 and stop by the Bryan Glazer Family JCC. 


522 N Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33606
(813) 575-5900

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