Music Lessons Lead to Life Lessons:

I recently attended the free guitar lesson night at Replay Guitar Exchange and it was not only inspiring but very cool.  The sounds, colors and passion were eminating throughout the 6,000 square foot store located in Briton Plaza in South Tampa.  The idea behind the event is to provide a 20 minute free lesson, giving people a chance to meet with one of the instructors for guitar, bass or drums.  More events like these will be coming your way so stay tuned!

Replay Guitar Exchange is developing their youth programming and cannot wait to meet your kids.  I was lucky enough to have the chance to talk to Rich Ross, bass guitarist, who is heading up the program.  Rich certainly knows something about music. He has performed, recorded and toured nationally with well known talented musicians.

Music is an outlet for kids that can teach them life lessons.  It can open up a whole new world for children and is even educational. Rich says,”music is really all about math”.  No one else is doing what Replay Guitar Exchange is doing and Rich showed me the unique set up in their space.  “We have the top of the line equipment, so not only can you learn how to play an instrument, you have use of our lesson rooms, which are also mini-studios.”

In addition to guitar lessons, Replay Guitar Exchange is alway offering drums.  My kids loved the teacher, Matthew Buckner, who really connected with them and got them excited about their musical potential.  It’s exactly what you want to see when you partner your child with a teacher.  Someone who is very enthusiastic, patient and pleasant to be around.

The atmosphere at Replay Guitar Exchange is pretty cool.  You can feel the talent and the passion coming from teachers, students and customers shopping for and testing equipment.

Stay in touch with Replay Guitar Exchange on social media so you will know when the next free lesson night is. Go ahead and stop by to show your child a whole new world that can guide them, provide confidence and life lessons.


3944 Britton Plaza
Tampa, Florida
(813) 254-8880