Mastering the Tooth Fairy: Tips, Tricks and Tools

Did you know today, February 28, is National Tooth Fairy Day? Neither did I? Who knew there was such a celebration, although there absolutely should be! The Tooth Fairy is without a doubt, a very important part of childhood. It marks a special time in a child’s life that incorporates fantasy and wonder.

Mommy Masters has partnered with South Tampa Pediatric Dentistry to wish you Happy National Tooth Fairy Day! My kids LOVE Dr. Lesley Rudolph and her staff.  Believe it or not, I have to beg them to leave the dentist…perhaps it’s the video games in the waiting room? Clever…very clever!

Back to the Tooth Fairy.  In my house, my ten-year-old is trying to figure out if the cash carrying flying figure is indeed real. He has lost a ton of teeth in the past few months and has made several attempts to stay up, in hopes of witnessing who actually puts the money under his pillow. Luckily for me, he has not succeeded in reaching this goal yet. The Tooth Fairy is still very much alive and well in his eyes.

Although one time I, woke him up by accident as my hand was behind his pillow and almost got caught. Not a good situation. I hate lying to my kids so when they ask me, “Mommy, is the Tooth Fairy real”? My reply is always, “What do YOU think”. Their response back? “I think she’s you. YOU are the Tooth Fairy”, to which I quickly say, “Oh do you?” My theory…answer a question with a question and you are good to go.

What’s the first thing I do when that tooth falls out?

I call 1-800-Tooth Fairy and let my girl know to stop on by. Why doesn’t the number work when my kids try it? It only works for adults…DUH!

I am in trouble when they realize that is WAY too many numbers for an actual phone call.  It must be an international number. Yes, we will go with that.

I have been trying to figure out a way to prove that this fairy, who somehow enters our home, carries a boat load of cash on her and flies around, delivering money all throughout the night is the real deal. Let’s just say for a moment that she IS actually real. How does she know how much money each kid gets? How does she know which bedroom to go in? Luckily, my kids haven’t discovered these holes in the Tooth Fairy’s gig.

Here is my proof or rather my pathetic attempt to prove my son wrong.

Do you think he will buy it?  Don’t answer that.

“Look kids, Mommy and the Tooth Fairy are good buddies, so how can we be the same person? The picture proves it all, does it not?”

Don’t answer that either.

Do you think my son will buy it? Moving on…

Can we please discuss the dollar amount parents are giving per tooth? My theory was to give five dollars for the first and one dollar for each additional.  My kids tell me that is cheap and not up to today’s standards. Really? I actually kind of agree but if I were to raise it now, that would lead to my oldest insisting that I owe him the difference for every tooth lost.  Smart…very smart, but not happening.  What can I say?  Inflation is real people.

I have heard of some parents leaving twenty bucks a tooth. WHAT? I might pull some teeth to leave under my pillow.  That is crazy but awesome if you are that kid. When my kids complain about the amount of dough left under their pillow, I tell them to take it up with the Tooth Fairy, not me. I have heard she does have the reputation of being cheap so I wish my kids good luck with that battle.

If you have ever forgotten to put the money under your child’s pillow…it’s the WORST! You start sweating, your heart beats fast and you go into survival mode. Not only is your child disappointed but you feel HORRIBLE. The good news is you don’t have to take the blame since it’s of course, the Tooth Fairy’s fault. Perhaps she was sick or on vacation? Doesn’t anyone do their job anymore? Jeez.

I admit I have forgotten twice, but with quick thinking, was able to get myself out of a bad situation! PHEW. Okay so here’s a little tip and parents…LISTEN UP, because you WILL forget at some point.

So when your child goes and looks under their pillow in the morning and realizes there is no cash, he is going to rip the bed apart. What do you do? First off, don’t panic, at least not on the outside. Tell your child that he must not be looking hard enough and escape as fast as you can.

Grab the money, go back into your child’s room and pretend to help him look through their bedding. If you are wearing long sleeves to hide the evidence, you are in luck. Slide out the money while your hand is in between the back of the bed and the wall and place it there.  Spend some more time looking and if possible, have your child discover the money. Oh and try not to be obvious about the whole thing.

When they finally discover the sought after bill, the explanation is an easy one. “Maybe it was too dark and the Tooth Fairy couldn’t see or maybe you moved a lot in your sleep, but the good news is she was here. See…I told you so.” Then go into a separate room, take a deep breath and get a drink (preferably alcohol), as soon as possible. Actually, it’s probably very early in the morning at this point, so perhaps just a pat on the back will have to do. Parenting fail fixed! You rock!

The whole concept of the Tooth Fairy is no joke. It is our duty as parents to get it right but because we are not perfect, you included, we make mistakes. Focus on the joy this tradition brings to your child and don’t worry about screwing it up.

Now if I can only locate the Laundry Fairy, the Supermarket Fairy and the Lunchbox Fairy, I would be all set. Would the Homework and Dinner Fairy be pushing it? Perhaps next time my Tooth Fairy gal drops by, she can introduce me to some of her friends.

Thanks again to our sponsor, South Tampa Pediatric Dentistry.  They are big fans of the Tooth Fairy, as you can imagine. Located in South Tampa, Dr. Lesley and her team are awesome. Dr. Lesley strongly believes that every visit to the dentist should be as fun and positive as possible. Her main goal is to promote healthy practices that will enable your child to enjoy oral health services and a beautiful smile for a lifetime!

The former elementary school teacher (makes sense since she is so good with kids) has received a ton of awards and honors.

Most recently, Dr. Anji joined Dr. Lesley, also a Diplomat of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. All the staff is so friendly and make you feel very welcome.  You can tell they really enjoy what they do. I can’t forget to mention the most important staff member and mascot, Meringue, Dr. Rudolph’s adorable dog, whom my kids love to play with when they are there.

If you live in the Tampa area, I definitely recommend choosing South Tampa Pediatric Dentistry for your kids.  I have been taking mine there for as long as I can remember. Did I mention that after each check up, the kids get a special coin to put into a machine filled with little gifts? It’s the highlight of their day! Again, smart…very smart!

In addition, you and your child can participate in a points program and when you reach a certain amount, the staff rewards you with a choice of gift cards. You can get points for being early, for checking in on social media, for booking your next appointment while you are there, for breaking a major habit, like thumb sucking (your child, not you)…there are numerous ways to rack up points. How cool?

Don’t laugh…I actually knew an adult who liked to suck her thumb. I sucked mine until 7th grade so who am I to judge? Speaking of bad habits, I do have to mention that when I was trying to take away the pacifier from my little guy, Dr. Rudolph was so supportive and non-judgmental, which really makes a difference in the life of a crazed mom. Just another reason why I love South Tampa Pediatric Dentistry. They just get it!


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