When Reading becomes Reality: Fun, Read and Succeed with Science

Our kids all have their favorite books they like to read but at times, it is nice to mix things up and introduce something fresh and new. As my kids are getting older, I try and find reading material that is both educational AND teaches some sort of life lesson.

It is certainly not an easy task, especially when you factor in multiple aged siblings. Reading is a nightly occurrence in our house.  It is part of our bedtime routine, a special time to spend time with each other and a way to connect. The problem is my oldest, who is ten, does not want to read what my four year old wants to read. I am also encouraging my eight year old to read books on his own. Everyone ends up getting frustrated and a peaceful time turns into madness.


I recently discovered The EnteleTrons® Series through a contact I met on LinkedIn and was very intrigued. I know what my kids are going to love and respond to, and I am also very aware of what they will have zero interest in. I was confident these books would fall into the former…and I was spot on.


I don’t want you to read this as just a review of a book but instead, a new way of teaching and reaching your kids. Here is a quick summary about the educational series and the company behind it:

Entelechy Education, LLC, is an interactive learning company that represents a novel approach toward integrating both STEM and character education themes within the existing literacy education system. They have created a fascinating trio called The EnteleTrons® to help children develop strong moral character while they learn valuable STEM concepts and strengthen their language literacy.  They call their proprietary approach STEM-C® Literacy.  With The EnteleTrons®, children are engaged through hands-on learning methods. This helps them build character traits such integrity, responsibility, kindness, cooperation, sharing, and other important life skills – in addition to learning to read!”


There are three characters throughout all of the books named, “The EnteleTrons®”.  They are sub-atomic particles that lead young readers through exciting adventures around the world. Sub-atomic particles are the fundamental elements of all matter, so it’s only fitting that the most widely recognized particles are the central characters. There is a proton named Priti, an electron named Ellie, and a neutron named Ning.

Priti, Ellie and Ning are intuitively designed to be neutral in gender and ethnicity, so that children can create their own meaningful and unique connections with these dynamic action figures. As a parent, I LOVE THAT! What else is attractive about these books? There are purposely no villains, weapons, or princesses in The EnteleTrons® world, allowing the unique approach of STEM-C® Literacy to be the hero.

Due to the fact I have multple aged children, the youngest wants to read and watch what the older boys are into and nine times out of ten, it is not appropriate. Now I can allow all three of my kids to enter the world of The EnteleTrons® and feel good about it as a parent.


My experience with introducing The EnteleTrons® series to my children has been so unique and positive, that I want to share it with the world…which means you. The specific book in the series that got me hooked is, Where’s Green.

I was in the middle of our bedtime routine, which as mentioned, involves reading a book before lights out. I wasn’t sure if all of my kids would like the book since they are all picky when it comes to their reading choices.  I was not sure what to expect either. Would they get bored of educational reading material? Would the book be too long for my little guy?

Multiple ingredients were in the recipe for creating this story. My kids loved all of them!

I love electrons Mommy!




Mommy, I learned this at school! I’m so excited

I can’t wait to read more!

We are a team like the EnteleTrons

Why did I, as a parent, like this book? The kids pretty much summed it up. I loved watching my eight-year-old light up and relate to the story since he has a STEM-focused class in his school. He especially enjoyed when he was directed to The Entelelab aspect, a page at the back of the book, to help the characters find the necessary scientific instruments in order to solve the mystery.

This book provided my kids, and me, with an educational adventure filled with problem-solving, fun characters and vibrant colors. What I did not imagine or expect to get out of it were life lessons. These lessons were not only relatable to my family in general, but to what was occurring in our house that actual night. It was almost like the book was meant to be read at that moment in time. Let me explain:

In Where’s Green, The EnteleTrons® help align the seven colors of the rainbow, while exploring the visible spectrum in a prism. Through character interaction, The EnteleTrons® show everyone the value of cooperation. Woven in the pages are important life lessons, about working together, respect for others, and our place in the universe.

My kids had been bickering all night and it was driving me NUTS! Can you relate? No need to answer that…I’m pretty sure that’s a “YES”. Similar to the color green, who left the rainbow because every other color was fighting, I left my kitchen earlier that evening to take a deep breath in the bathroom. Who would prepare and serve dinner if Mommy wasn’t there?

Once again, similar to the rainbow not being a rainbow without the color green, my family was not a complete unit without me, Mommy. We were out of sync and our normal schedule was off. Instead of arguing and being selfish, I needed my kids to be respectful of each other’s wants and needs…oh yah…and of mine.

When we all listen, cooperate and have respect for one another, everything falls into place, whether in a family situation or in the universe, like when The EnteleTrons® helped to return the rainbow back to its natural order, causing nature to become happy again.

I honestly could not believe how similar the plot was to what was occurring in my household that evening. It led to a really nice discussion with my boys that went beyond storytime.

After reading this book with my kids, they were asking amazing questions, wanting more and relating what they had learned at school to what we had just read in the story. My son could not wait to tell his teacher about The EnteleTrons® and I could not wait to educate her as well so she could share with her class.

When we discover a parenting tool that causes our children to light up, teaches a life lesson and make us feel good about what we are exposing our kids to, it is rare and spectacular.

Did I mention there is also a cookbook filled with STEM facts and healthy recipes??? Stay tuned for more information.

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