It’s Not About Them…It’s About YOU:

Many of us are at the age where we are starting to notice certain changes in our appearances. At times, it feels like a daily discovery. (Argh)

Some of us have been aware of our aging faces and bodies for a while and have either decided to gracefully accept it or constantly hate the way we look. We lift up our boobs so see what they could and should look like, lift up our eyebrows to see how much better we look when refreshed and well rested and suck in our belly where stretch marks and sagging skin has replaced our once tight and bikini ready stomach.

We pick ourselves apart as we are our worst critics. We spend hours staring at ourselves in the mirror, reflecting on our reflections. “Where did that wrinkle come from?” “Do I still look good or look good for my age?” “Who the hell is that staring back at me?”

It’s scary…really scary. We don’t feel like what we are supposed to look like for our age. It’s not the number that is frightening, it’s the looking older part. The reality is we are not 20 years old and will never look like we are 20 years old again. Some attempt to reach that goal and it never works out. Instead, they end up looking fake, unrealistic and ridiculous. Would we want to be 20 again? Too much personal growth since then and not willing to go back or sign me up for my carefree college years and college body again please?

What are we really seeking? We want to feel good about ourselves…the 40, 50, 60 ourselves. It’s not just about the outside, but how we have progressed on the inside. We have all changed since our 20’s (we hope), and that is a good thing. Some of us feel better than ever. We are exercising, eating healthy and finding happiness with our families, friends and ourselves. The idea of happiness and sleep will shave off some years and for some, that is enough. For others, it just won’t cut it.

We are bombarded with women in Hollywood that have the perfect skin, the perfect lips and the perfect boobs. We walk into the store and see hundreds of face creams, serums and masks promising younger skin. We open a magazine and there are women with perfect butts demonstrating the perfect squat so we can achieve the same results.

Everywhere we look we see perfection, however, perfection is not a reality and everyone has a different definition of what perfection is anyway. We tell our kids to strive for progress, not perfection, so why can’t we subscribe to that same mantra?

People talk about aging gracefully and if you subscribe to that school of thought, kudos to you. To the younger generations, that attitude doesn’t even exist anymore. Twenty-somethings are getting injections, not because they look old, but to prevent them from looking old in the future. Their mantra is, “why fix a future problem when they can avoid a problem altogether?” These options did not exist when we were in our 20s. Out of site, out of mind.

There is so much pressure to look good these days, no matter what age you are, but who are we looking good for? Our spouses, significant others, friends or even strangers? We put the pressure on ourselves because no matter what anyone else says, we need to feel comfortable in our own skin. Our perceptions of ourselves are often false and what we think is beautiful and envious on someone could very well be thought of as their downfall. Someone can tell us we have the best legs, but until we look in the mirror and see that as well, it will never be true in our eyes. We will always see our flaws in our reflections, no matter what anyone tells us. Sad but true.

What’s wrong with trying to seek happiness in our lives? Whether it is finding a new career or getting a new pair of boobs, if it makes us happy, who is anyone else to judge? We have to and need to feel comfortable when we look in the mirror versus how other people see us. We all want to love our body and feel confident. That all said, perfection doesn’t exist, remember?

Let’s be honest here. We will never look 20 again and that is okay. Instead, let’s look the best 40, the best 50, the best whatever age we are.

Whether it’s plastic surgery, botox, facials, skin care or any of the 900 other options out there these days, women, (and plenty of men) are taking advantage of it all and while many like to keep it under wraps, go online and you will notice quite a few who are not shy about sharing.

Everyone has their own struggles and paths to progress when it comes to their body and their appearance. We should not cast judgment on others, just as we wouldn’t want others to critique our choices.  We need to concentrate on our own journey and whether that involves a nip, tuck, prick or laser, it is about making ourselves feel beautiful.

You are curious as to what is out there to help you feel and look your best. What now? Understand what your goals are, what your definition of aging gracefully is, be realistic and don’t go overboard. Be proud of the fact you want to look and feel your best. Acknowledge that instead of complaining about something and tearing yourself apart in the mirror every day, you are actually going to do something about it.

Do your homework and get educated. Choose a plastic surgeon and staff you can trust, one who has a great reputation and has years of experience. Is your potential plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery? What does that even mean?

Dr. Abraham Marcadis of Marcadis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Tampa, shares that there is no law limiting any licensed doctor from calling him/herself a “plastic surgeon”. That means next time you are at the dentist, you could technically have your teeth and wrinkles filled at the same time. That means the next time you are spread eagle at the OBGYN, you can discuss getting your lips plumped…and we are not talking about the ones down below. (Too much?)

Read Dr. Marcadis’ full article, filled with very important facts and statistics to ensure you are safe with your plastic surgeon and support staff.

Finding support, whether it’s your friends, family or even an understanding spouse, (that is if you share with him/her your beauty secrets), can be really helpful. If you can make some changes that will make you a more confident person, while not over-doing it, enjoy. Start saving or crack open your piggy bank ladies.

People will either be happy for you, question and disagree with your actions, be jealous you look so amazing, or puzzled from wondering what is different about you. Guess what? WHO CARES WHAT THEY THINK! It’s not about them…it’s about YOU.

Thank you to our sponsor, Marcadis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa, in Tampa, FL. People come from near and far to visit Dr. Abraham Marcadis, who really understands the struggles his patients face and the positive impact his work has on them.

“Plastic surgery is the medical specialty that alters the human form. It is remarkable how a simple contour change can make an enormous transformation in someone’s life. By reshaping a teenager’s nose bump or a child’s protruding ears, a naturally outgoing personality can surface. Removing excess eyelid skin gives a tired looking professional a fresh appearance and fresh attitude in his career. Procedures as different as breast reduction or breast enlargement can change a woman’s self-consciousness to self-confidence. Inherited thigh bulges or stretched abdominal skin can be removed, allowing a frustrated fitness devotee a chance to enjoy the beach without embarrassment or to wear clothes only dreamed of.”

If you are feeling down about the way you look and need a confidence boost, get some exercise to get your serotonin flowing, eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and review your outside options with a trusted doctor and medical staff, like Marcadis Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa.





*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.