TODAY PARENTING CHALLENGE: I’m a Great Mom Because I Can Fail!

THE CHALLENGE: I’m a Great Mom Because…

My answer:

Let’s get right to it. I am a kick A$$ mom, plain and simple. I know what you are thinking…this lady is a bit over-confident. My name is The Mommy Master® after all. Too bold for you? How’s this for arrogant? I got this parenting thing…at least for today. Huh? Read on to understand.

Shhh. I think I may have figured out the secret to “Mastering Motherhood”, but don’t tell anyone. Just kidding…tell EVERYONE! Moms everywhere need to know this private and precious information.

Drum roll please. The reason I am so successful as a parent, is because I am…wait for it…wait for it… A FAILURE. Yep, that’s right…a failure. You are probably a bit confused, which is a normal reaction. Let me explain.


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