Does Memorial Day Mean White Pants?

Moms, Memorial Day weekend is just a few days away. Are you dusting off your white pants or have they already been put through the wash a few times this year because your child put his ketchup hands on them?

If you ask multiple people what the rule is with white pants before Memorial Day and after Labor Day, you will get a lot of different answers. You have those that will tell you to break the outdated fashion rule and those who are still sticking to it.

Let’s give credit where credit is due. White jeans are AWESOME and they go with EVERYTHING! When you finally find the right pair…you know the ones that hide the cellulite on the back of your legs and make you feel skinny…you never want to take them off.

I tend to be a rule follower when it comes to fashion. Other things…not so much. I love clothes and being on trend but I admit it, I am a fashion follower, not a fashion leader. Growing up in New York, we NEVER wore white pants before Memorial Day. Nothing about walking around in the dirty snow in New York City screamed, “why don’t you wear your white jeans today?”. White jeans meant summer was here…a new season.

Now that I live in Florida, where it’s warm the majority of the year, I miss my true seasons and Memorial Day signifies that change for me. All my “winter wear” swaps places with my “summer supplies” and my white jeans glow in their new position on my shelf, begging me to wear them.

Do I judge those that wear white jeans in January, no matter where they live? No. Okay, maybe a little, but perhaps it stems from jealousy because I am unable to break the fashion rule, which isn’t even a rule anymore. You know my favorite saying. “Don’t blow out my candles to make yours burn brighter”? Perhaps I am blowing smoke their way so my white jeans look brighter when I wait to put them on.

What does this all have to do with parenting? EVERYTHING! How many times have you rocked an amazing outfit and felt like you could conquer the world, including the world of parenting? How many times have you thrown on something quickly to take the kids to the bus or to pick them up after school and prayed you didn’t have to get out of the car? You felt tired, unmotivated and blah. Your patience was low and you were snappy. Hey, I have been saying this for years and will continue to say it. “When you look good, you feel good.” Say it with me, “WHEN YOU LOOK GOOD, YOU FEEL GOOD”. There you go…good job.

In all seriousness though, when you feel good about yourself, it shows…confidence is a great thing for your kids to witness and emulate. When we teach our kids not to care what other people think, that’s a life lesson that will go a long way. I am still aiming to accomplish that.

What can I say? I am a person of habit. When I was younger, I always had to walk through the same turnstile stall in the subways. What would have happened if one day, I chose the one to the left? Nothing. Today, I like to use the same machine each time I take my workout class. What would happen if it was taken and I had to use another one? Nothing. Maybe I will be a “rebel” and rock some white jeans a few days shy of Memorial Day. Something tells me nothing will happen and all will be right in the world. We all have to live a little, right?

Do YOU follow the White Jean rule?