Mother’s Day Muffins….STEM Style:

Mother’s Day is upon us! What is YOUR family cooking up to celebrate you?

Cooking as a family is an activity we love to do in my home. The kids are off their electronics, we are working together as a team, and the best part…we get to eat our project.

The EnteleTrons® team who brought you their amazing book series, where your kids learn valuable STEM concepts while strengthening their language literacy, also brings you their STEM inspired cookbook. My kids can learn while we all cook together? Perfect!

Everybody Cooks! STEM Facts and Recipes for Family Cooperation and Healthier Eating is a lot more than a cookbook series. It is a sequence of family interactions that enhances the meal preparation experience.

The first book in the series, Holiday Favorites, provides 30 recipes, one recipe for each holiday throughout the year, including Mother’s Day…one of the most important of course. Secular and religious holidays are included.

Each recipe includes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) facts, accompanying pictures, nutritional information, ingredients needed, special equipment needed, and step-by-step directions organized by the ability of each cook in the family.

The creators do such an amazing job because they break down every step and turn cooking into a science project. They even ask for people to send in pictures of their finalized recipe to include in their website. Love that!

THE PICTURE shows young cooks what the finished product should look like, but is presented for reference only. Encourage creativity in presentation methods! If a child decides to develop his or her own spin on the recipe, support this effort!

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION is presented in a child-friendly format that shows why some ingredients are important for health and wellness. In this section, you won’t find milligrams of sodium, for example, but your children will see why the food they are preparing is good for them.

SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING, OR MATH (STEM) topics accompany each recipe. Read these with your children before you begin so they understand the STEM behind the final food product.

THE INGREDIENTS are listed in the order that they are used in the recipe. Encourage children to double-check the recipe to make sure they have included every ingredient in the proper amount.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT is listed in a separate section. Commonly used materials such as bowls, measuring cups, and spoons, are not listed. Most households have the basic materials needed to prepare food (see the equipment section). Young chefs should understand that if they don’t have the right equipment, their recipe may not turn out as they expected. You can certainly substitute items occasionally – like using a fork instead of a whisk, but that fork would be difficult to use if the recipe calls for the batter to be beaten for two minutes!

 DIRECTIONS are listed with the family member’s responsibility for each line item. Tasks are organized by ability. Here is an example of how the color coding system works to ensure everyone has a role and is kept safe in the kitchen:
Of course not every family will fit the suggested guidelines, but there are ways to get creative:
  •  Photocopy the recipe page and write each child’s name next to a step he or she is capable of performing
  •  Take turns being red, yellow, or green
  •  If you have only one child, either cook as a family with an adult or two filling in for siblings, or invite friends over for a cooking party and divide the tasks equally
  •  You could designate one child to prepare the area by getting out the ingredients and supplies needed to complete the recipe.
  • Remember, the idea is to encourage cooperation, so the young cooks should be part of the selection process for who does which tasks.

How unique is this cookbook? I have never seen anything like this and I know my kids and hubby are going to make the best blueberry muffins for me this Mother’s Day.

It makes me feel really good as a parent that they are going to be spending quality time together while learning. Everybody Cooks! STEM Facts and Recipes for Family Cooperation and Healthier Eating is that awesome class at school everyone looks forward to.

The cookbook provides fun food facts and makes it all really enjoyable.

This cookbook is not just about putting ingredients in a bowl and throwing it in the oven. So many factors make it unique and special, including the STEM information. It is not only interesting and educational for the kids, but for the adults too.


The cookbook doesn’t end when the timer rings and the warm muffins are done. Nope…they go a step further which as a mom, I really appreciate. They bring new meaning to “serving suggestion”.

To view the complete recipe, head on over to now to purchase a digital download of Everybody Cooks! STEM Facts and Recipes for Family Cooperation and Healthier Eating – Holiday Favorites. OR…you can win a copy…just in time for Mother’s Day!


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I hope you all enjoy this special cookbook as much as I have. It is about family time, learning, exploring, creativity and of course eating. What else do you really need?

Happy Mother’s Day to all you amazing moms out there! I hope your families spoil you rotten and that includes waking up to freshly baked blueberry muffins. Don’t forget to spoil yourself too!







*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.