Is it Time for School Yet?

Yep, that’s right? I am ready for the school year to start. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy summer, including a less rigid schedule, movie nights with the kids, sleeping in, camps, new experiences, traveling and all that good stuff. However, I am a girl who likes and needs some sort of routine. It’s definitely harder to fit in that “me” time that keeps me sane.

Amusement parks that are over an hour away in the Florida heat? No problem. Mommy Camp slumber parties with movies, popcorn, cuddles and staying up late together? The best. Opening my house to playdates and adding a few more kids to my roster? Love it. Turning my kitchen into a messy science lab filled with homemade slime, fidgets and stress balls? So much fun. Planning, packing and well thought out packages and letters for sleepaway camp? You know it. Catching a 5:45AM flight, driving five hours and flying back at 11:30PM all in one day to attend my son’s sleepaway camp performance and take him home? Wouldn’t dream of missing it.

Going out of my way for my kids is part of what I consider a normal everyday occurrence. To me, a smile on my kid’s faces equals a successful Mommy day, whether that means heading out for new adventures or staying in for lazy day enjoyment. Motherhood can be selfless and I am okay with that but at some point, reality needs to set in and that reality is called school!

Nothing makes me happier than making my kids happy, but jeez, how many weeks in a row can I keep it up? I have completely immersed myself in their summer and have really and truly enjoyed it. I made a huge effort to put down the phone and really be present with my boys. I was patient, adventurous, silly and have created memories for them, (and me) that will last a lifetime. I also realize though that I can’t just live in their world and am ready to start getting back to mine or rather ours.

The lack of recognition for all the hard work, time, money and effort that goes into planning their summer is starting to wear on me. Summer takes a lot of planning…A LOT! It’s not just waking up and saying, “Hmmm…what should we do today?”. Yes, it’s good to throw in a few of those every once in a while, but coming up with creative ways to entertain kids while at the same time ensuring electronics aren’t the theme of the day, is not easy.

I love my kids but I am afraid I am not going to “like” them if this summer thing continues on for much longer.

I don’t even like myself at this point. After consuming way too much mac n’ cheese, grilled cheese and every other type of scrumptious cheese, including the melted gooey kind you would find on a pizza pie, the gym is calling my name.

I’m coming gym…I have not forgotten about you…only a few more weeks until we are reunited. School year Mommy doesn’t eat all this crap. I have no one to blame but myself but let’s be honest people, who has the willpower to only eat one slice of pizza? Not me!

I feel so gross that a layer of candy, all that cheese, beer and hot dogs are what makes up my aura at this moment.

My body is so confused, my sleep schedule is beyond off and my television is running out of space to record my favorite shows since I haven’t had a minute to myself to watch them.

Will I mind packing lunch boxes, yelling at my kids to hurry up in the morning and torturing myself at the gym, unable to walk the next day? NOPE! Bring it sister. Will I welcome the constant homework battles and the task of figuring how to be at three different places at once for after school sports and activities? NOT AT ALL! Ready and waiting for yah!

You may think I am completely nuts and disagree with my feelings about summer, but remember that my parenting journey is different from yours as well as all the other moms in the world. Motherhood is not a one size fits all gig. That reminds me I need to do back-to-school sneaker shopping. Woo hoo! Three kids in the store all begging for the coolest and most expensive shoes that will be destroyed in a matter of weeks. Good times!

Here’s to the last few weeks of summer before school starts up again, not that I am counting.

I vow to continue to remain patient, (especially at the shoe store), continue to put my attention, love and efforts towards my children and continue to create memories that we will each hold onto forever.

Well maybe not forever. Soon my kids will be holding onto their lunchboxes and backpacks instead.