Mom, You’re SO Embarrassing…


“Mom, you’re SO embarrassing!”

How many times as a kid did you think or say this? A LOT! We swore when we were parents we would never embarrass our kids and be super conscious of our actions, right?

I have come to the realization that no matter what I do or don’t do, I will always be an embarrassment to my kids. How do I know this for sure? Because they tell me every day and they are only 10, 8 and 5. You know what I tell them? “You don’t know embarrassing. Trust me”.

Oh, the stories I could tell from my own childhood. I will spare the embarrassment my parents would feel reading the details, so I’ll keep those to myself. Okay, maybe I’ll leak a few. From sending back meals to calling me at my pre-prom party, I was pretty much rolling my eyes on a regular basis. Now I see that eye roll from my eight-year-old on a regular basis.

II am definitely sensitive to the whole embarrassing thing, so really try hard to play it cool. Apparently, I am the only one who thinks I am cool. This morning I was told I was humiliating my kids because I waved to a cute toddler. I mean, really? What’s wrong with that?

I was also told it was embarrassing to have a chore chart up in the kitchen wall because people could see it when they came over. My response? “Do all your chores without me having to ask and behave…then you won’t need a chart”. As my kids would say, “BURN“. You know what’s embarrassing? When you constantly interrupt me when I am speaking to an adult or burp at the table multiple times when we are out to dinner. How about that?

Do I send things back at restaurants? At times. What can I say, that is all I know from my own childhood. The odds are pretty good my family has eaten many meals with staff saliva on it. Ew! Do I kiss my kids in public? You better believe it! Even my five-year-old told me to smooch him only in private. Really? All this said, I do have respect for my children and I try very hard to follow the rules and boundaries they have set up for me. I don’t always succeed but I hope I still get an A for effort!

What one kid calls embarrassing another would probably crave and vice versa. The problem with kids is that these boundaries are always changing. One day my ten-year-old has a stomach ache and can’t get enough of my affection while another day, he gives me a limp hug, like the Dugger kids do to one another on that show, “1000 Kids and Who is Counting”.

Let’s be honest, no matter how hard I try, and how much thought goes into my actions, I will always be an embarrassment to my kids. That is by definition, what my role as a parent is. To basically ruin my child’s dignity and overall childhood. Not that I know or anything…

Here’s to all the times I said to my parents, “You are SO embarrassing” or “You are SO annoying”. Hearing this from my own kids makes me laugh. It definitely brings back memories I would like to forget.

My kids can cringe all they want but I still don’t think I am that bad. It could always be worse! Trust me…I know.