You Have Received an Invite to my Pity Party:

You’re a mom, I’m a mom. We are freakin’ busy, am I right? We are exhausted all the time, trying to keep all those plates in the air spinning, so they all don’t come crashing down on us. We have a lot to be grateful for but we also have a lot to complain about.

We are so careful to say, “I know my problems are minimal compared to everything going on in the world but…” We don’t want to be perceived as too negative, too unappreciative, too selfish and too harsh when in reality, it’s quite the opposite. We try to be positive for our children, appreciate the good, and are completely selfless people.

Why do we have to be so cautious of sounding unkind and self-involved?

Yes, the fact that my kids fighting in the car again and driving me nuts is not world news but guess what, it’s what’s going on in my world. In my world on any given day, I feel like I am drowning. I feel like my to-do list has gotten so long, it drags behind me, wherever I go and weighs me down.


What gets me through it?

Knowing everyone else is heading into those same waters.

Knowing I can call my friends and moan about the stupidest things.

Knowing I am not a failure at parenting and love it, even though I complain about.

Knowing I am not a bad person who is unaware of all the suffering in the world to showcase mine.


Yes, of course we have to be sensitive of others and of their struggles, but our struggles are ours and we have a right to whine about them. It’s not about wanting someone to feel bad for us, but about listening and validating what we are saying.

I personally don’t want or expect anyone to feel sorry for me but aren’t we all entitled to throw a pity party for ourselves every once in a while? Well, you are all invited to mine…to yours…to ours. Consider this your invitation. No need to RSVP.

Just comment below about something you want to bitch about. Whether it’s your children, husband, family, work, body or all of the above, don’t stay silent any longer because you think no one will want to listen or because you feel awkward about being honest and whiney. We deal with whiney every day…now it’s our turn.

We don’t judge…we can’t judge one another. If you are worried about people thinking you are imperfect, guess what, you are. We all are. How many times have I said it people? THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PERFECT so stop trying to be.

I must be off to fold laundry before my very full basket of clothes pushes me further into the water. The few hours I have of peace before I go to bed, otherwise known as my flotation device, will soon turn into morning chaos, inclusive of a missing shoe, nothing to wear and spilled chocolate milk.

Don’t forget to comment below. The more we share, the more we know others are going through the same crazy journey of parenthood! Remember, sharing is caring. 🙂