The Silent Killer-Pay Attention Parents:

We work hard at keeping our kids healthy, taking them to their annual checkups, heading to the doctor if that cough doesn’t go away within a few days, incorporating healthy foods into their diet and ensuring they are getting enough exercise in and energy out.
We are supposed to practice what we preach as parents, right? So why do we focus so little on ourselves? Why is it that most adults don’t give their health the same attention and dedication? Is it the lack of time, lack of medical education, bad eating habits, too much stress from trying to balance work and family? Yes, yes, yes and YES!
If we don’t demonstrate a healthy lifestyle, including our attempts to balance it all, our kids will be emulating the wrong role model. I work out five times a week and eat very healthy BUT usually feel like I am drowning, stressed with all I put on myself during the week.
This can lead to Hypertension, known as the silent killer. It’s a symptom of bigger problems, not a cause. Much like a building having cracks on the wall, unless the underlying foundational problem is corrected, no amount of patchwork will fix the problem.
I did some research on Facebook and those who I talked to were very open about sharing their experiences with Hypertension. You see a doctor when you are supposed to but may still have issues reducing your stress. Your doctor gives you tips and tells you what the end result needs to be, but you feel on your own trying to get there. Sound familiar to the rest of you?
When we can’t see harm, we don’t see the urge to do something immediate about it. We underestimate the damage HTN can cause. We don’t pay attention, or rather ignore the early signs and rely too heavily on the benefits medication can provide. We know we need to live a cleaner life, but it’s hard to make those changes, and again, underestimate the benefits these lifestyle modifications can have.
According to The University of Michigan, in an article titled, Drugs Versus Lifestyle Medicine, “since we don’t see or feel the risk – the inflammation, deteriorating tissues, narrowing arteries, or even bone deformation, we don’t believe it’s really happening.”
Here’s the deal. One in three people has high blood pressure. YEP. That’s a lot, yet it is a condition that is ignored. Why is this? It is only when facing a mortal event (heart attack, stroke, or kidney disease) that people pay attention to the disease. At this point, it is already too late.
 The article continues to say that “…even after a positive disease diagnosis, and even after being counseled by a health-care professional about specific modifications that would alter or eliminate their disease, most individuals fail to make any meaningful changes in their eating, physical activity, or even smoking habits“.
“Depending on ]diagnosis, doctors often prescribe a pill to remedy the situation. Of course, many people would rather take medication in lieu of a simple lifestyle change. They gladly let the medicines and procedures do the hard work of warding off disease!”
Medications are easy to take, but you have to take them for LIFE, and they can be very EXPENSIVE. Many have side effects that can have immediate or long-term negative effects.
Believe it or not, this is what most research shows – for an average individual, reduction in heart attack risk is normally less than five percent over five years for most cholesterol-lowering drugs!” What does this mean? It means you cannot and should not rely on medication alone to keep your Hypertension under control. There are other options.
“Lifestyle medicine involves treating the underlying cause of disease, not just its symptoms. In most cases it involves altering the diet – trending more to a whole-foods/plant-based diet and eliminating processed foods. In addition, lifestyle changes include increasing the amount of one’s moderate daily physical activity, improving quality of sleep, learning stress control through meditation or other means, getting in touch with nature, learning to laugh, and even developing a spiritual practice of some kind. These interventions are known to reduce systemic inflammation, which directly relates to most chronic diseases.”
Seems like a no-brainer, yes? Sure medicine is an effective and immediate treatment, but what about the rest of your life? Who is helping you be healthier? Who is helping to manage your stress levels? It’s a lot for one person to figure out.
I am really excited to partner with Evolve Personal Health in Tampa, Florida. They function as your personal health partners and will help you learn and apply the tools to live a healthier, more fulfilled life. Yes, please! I would love to have someone overseeing my health, both physically and mentally.
We are our children’s personal health partner, right? We are in charge of it all. It is our turn to let someone else take care of us for a change. Evolve will help you get your Hypertension under control utilizing stress reduction and coaching techniques. They will help you become a healthier person, feeling better and stronger.

Evolve is another tool to keep in your parenting toolbox. This means you will be a healthier parent, around longer to watch your children grow.

It’s not just about taking care of your heart but all that affects your heart. When you are feeling fantastic, both inside and our, you project that energy. Making important and life-saving alterations in your life will have a positive impact on your relationships with your children, spouse, family and friends.

Evolve is a medical coaching practice where they help their members take control of their health and transform their lives by guiding them with proven, evidence-based techniques. They are the first physician-directed practice of its kind in Tampa.
What is their mission? To improve members’ mind, body, and spirit through helping them make lifestyle modifications. After thoroughly identifying your goals and concerns, they will create your personalized 6-month wellness plan and help you with exploration, accountability, and support.
There is so much information to share with you so let’s start slowly. After reading this article, take a moment and think about your health. What are you doing about your Hypertension? What is working and what is not? Do you need assistance in building healthy habits? Do you yearn for more education about your disease, along with coaching from the best of the best?
Looking forward to digging in and sharing more about the people behind Evolve. It’s quite impressive!!!







*This is a sponsored post.