A Different Perspective to Getting Healthy:

I recently had the chance to sit in on an introspective coaching session with Evolve Personal Health in South Tampa, Florida. “WOW” would be my initial comment. Numerous participants have signed up for Evolve’s physician designed coaching program to reduce hypertension. Combining educational content, coaching sessions, and action steps, the program truly is a one-of-a-kind experience.

This was an online session (so convenient with busy schedules) with multiple participants of the program and while I did not expect to listen to the entire session, I couldn’t, or rather, didn’t want to miss anything. I literally could not peel myself away from my computer and again, I am not signed up for the program. The information and the camaraderie between the members blew me away.

Chitra Prasad-Patel, Co-Founder and Introspective Coach at Evolve Personal Health lead the session and everything she said really resonated and made you think deeply. She began by talking about changing behaviors and if we look at them as actions, we can choose to either strengthen our neural connections or weaken them. By getting rid of the bad habits and adding new ones, we will then adapt new behaviors.

[three_fourth]Chitra discussed the relationship between bad habits and behavior, using the example of hunger, which is a huge trigger for people when it comes to anger, frustration, patience, poor eating habits and more.

“Hangry” is actually a thing!

It is truly remarkable that we are in control and literally have the ability to change the structure of our brain, better known as neuroplasticity.

This is science people and you can’t argue with that. Just by visualizing something, you can make it happen. Chitra gave an example of Olympic teams who use visualization as part of their training. According to the New York Times, “Visualization has long been a part of elite sports. But the practice of mentally simulating competition has become increasingly sophisticated, essential and elaborate, spilling over into realms like imagining the content of news conferences or the view from the bus window on the way to the downhill.”

“The more an athlete can image the entire package, the better it’s going to be,” said Nicole Detling, a sports psychologist with the United States Olympic team.”

The mind is certainly a powerful tool. Evolve Personal Health is helping those who suffer from Chronic Health Conditions, specifically Hypertension, at the moment, improve their health naturally and effectively.  They are teaching their members how their behaviors directly correlate with their overall health condition.

The idea of incorporating a community to help with health is a very effective one. Throughout the session, I witnessed members giving one another advice. Turning to a group with multiple perspectives can provide unique solutions. It was wonderful to witness the multiple “aha moments” from the participants throughout the session. I also noticed the pride that was felt, knowing they were doing something about their health and understanding how changes in their lives could ultimately  improve their medical issues.

Chitra touched on the idea that all human beings are interconnected, and I was immediately yearning to learn more. She gave the example of when we think of someone in our mind and then the next day we run into them, after not seeing them for years. YES! This happens to me ALL the time. I will even meet someone and that day, will run into them multiple times. I always wondered how and why it was possible.

She referenced Rupert Spira and his theoretical model of existence called consciousness-only model. Each of our minds is precipitated in and informed by and made of the same infinite indivisible field of consciousness. He talks about a thought in someone else’s mind being on the same field of consciousness as another mind. He used many examples that are very easy to relate to, similar to the one I gave above in my own experiences. He explains these experiences are too frequent to be dismissed as coincidences but cannot be explained if you believe our minds are sealed containers. Our minds are actually porous, some more than others. It is all fascinating and I could listen to Rupert Spira for hours on end. Definitely worth doing a search on YouTube as there are tons of his talks.

To be able to have these discussions and know you are on the road to understanding yourself and changing your behaviors is a very unique alternative to simply going to visit a doctor, given medicine and left to figure it all out on your own.

If you have not visited Evolve Personal Health, head to their website to learn more about their Hypertension program, which also incorporates physical and nutritional lessons, in addition to the introspective lessons I was lucky enough to have been a part of.

I am off to watch more videos of Rupert Spira as I am so intrigued by his views and theories. Remember, if you want to make a change in your life to get healthier, it can be done. Evolve Personal Health is demonstrating this in an unprecedented way and their clients are truly enjoying their journeys to a better and healthier lifestyle.

*This is a sponsored post from Evolve Personal Health. All opinions are my own.