Skills for the Whole Family:

Every stage of parenting comes with struggles and when we think we have mastered that stage, a new one comes along and we are once again, left to make sense of it all. However, if we can stay ahead of the game and figure out what pieces we can apply to multiple stages, it creates less work for us and more benefits for them.

Some examples include manners, kindness, helping others and eating habits. We may have different expectations of all of these at every stage, however, the underlying message is still the same.

One example of a less obvious category may be organization. What about time management skills? These are not first in our mind when we are raising our children, but they should be.

Whether you are a busy mom juggling multiple children’s schedules, running a company with 100 employees or a child who is tasked with numerous chores and homework assignments, structure and planning are going to make a world of difference. Some of us possess these skills while others, face serious challenges when it comes to managing whatever duties we are assigned. If you are the latter, you need guidance and there is nothing wrong with that.

If we teach efficient skill sets to our youth, it will only create positive habits for their future. Our children are watching our every move, and this is yet another opportunity to be a role model for them. As we stress about all the items on our to-do list and attempt to balance, or rather integrate these tasks into our lives, our kids could have a different view. A positive view.

My favorite quote from my 11-year-old will always be, “Mom, I don’t know if I will be as good of a parent as you are. You are always doing so many things at once for everyone. I don’t know how you do it.” Wow. First off, for an 11-year-old to recognize that is very impressive although if you knew my son, he is a very wise boy who has the soul of a man.

Out kids are learning how to multi-task from us, whether we succeed or fail at it. That in itself is a powerful lesson. What was my response to my son? “You will be an amazing parent because you are kind, loving, smart and give 110% to everything you do.”

My goal will continue to help my son build those skills that will help give him the confidence he craves, so when he does become a parent, he can reach into his toolbox and feel he has all the skills he needs to succeed, or at least attempt to.

This drive I see in my son, this awareness he possesses has always helped him excel at school. He is the child that I never have to ask if his homework is done or what assignments he has coming up. He is the child that always has a strategy for is school work and never has to be pushed. These are all wonderful traits but they can also lead to intense pressure, created by these wonderful traits.

We all know that siblings can be very different from one another. My middle child requires a lot of my attention when it comes to homework. It works since as mentioned, my older one does not. All our kids will have various strengths and weaknesses when it comes to time management.

While my middle is not so patient with his homework, he jumps out of bed in the morning and knows what chores he needs to complete before I have to ask. While my oldest is great at homework, he could use help in the ‘it’s time to go to the bus and you still haven’t put on your shoes’ department.

When I asked parents on social media what time management and homework organization looked like in their house, here are a few of the comments I received.

“…organization with school is a constant battle.”

“I feel I role model organization and that my kids couldn’t care less. I definitely believe organization is a skill that we can teach while it is a skill that comes easily to some and difficult to others.”

“When mine were young, I used to get exasperated. I had to back off as they got older, especially with my older one, as I realized her brain works in a totally different way than mine and even though her (dis)organizational skills and study habits make me BANANAS, they work really well for her.”

“So this is actually a thing now…like Occupational Therapists work with kids on how to be organized and navigate better in the classroom.”

“My son does his homework before dinner. He is just 5 yrs old. I tell him all his friends are doing it and he will be left behind if he doesn’t”.

“I battle with this in my house meaning I want everything organized the other two not so much but can find everything in their chaos. I am trying to figure out whats appropriate for age in setting expectations. This has also come up in “sports” with moms. Ours is dance but getting clothes, ready, having shoes ready, washed ahead of time etc.”

You can see from the comments that there are a variety of thoughts, methods and behaviors surrounding organization and time management skills when it comes to our kids. I love this because what works for one family does not work for another. Even within a family, what works for one child does not work for another. Parents are craving help!

Clearly, this is an important topic that parents are very aware of. Schools have also jumped on board. At Hillel Academy of Tampa, they will soon be launching a program teaching these skills to middle school students. In the class the students will attend, they will be keeping their personal agendas that includes their short term and long term assignments, their family obligations, and after school and extracurricular activities.The school will teach them how to discover and balance their work and study times. LOVE THAT!

So between school and home, it sounds like our kids have many opportunities to learn important skill sets. Now, what about if the school is not quite there yet or the parents lack the tools to teach their kids? We don’t all have access to a complete village that understands our children’s learning style and even family dynamics.

Private Prep, who facilitates academic achievement while caring and supporting each of their students, offers a variety of services around the country.
Their academic coaches empower students & educators with valuable skills, strategy, and confidence so they can thrive in any setting.

Designing curriculum for each student’s unique learning style, their academic coaches focus not only on improving grades and increasing test scores, but also on building confidence and developing valuable skills that last a lifetime.

Parents need guidance and between resources like ourselves, our schools and unique business models like Private Prep, we are creating an amazing village to tap into. We want to provide our children with amazing tools, but at the same time, make them accountable and let them run with those tools. I love that Private Prep and our children’s schools are helping to create personalized syllabuses designed to create structure and accountability for them.

Private Prep preaches and teaches the philosophy that success is attained by emphasizing commitment to a process, confidence building, and hard work. YES! This philosophy can be applied to parenting as well.

Check out this success story as we can all relate:

It truly does take a village and we should always be modifying and building our village, based on the stage that our children are in.


Hillel Academy serves the Tampa Bay area by offering an all-around environment of academic excellence. It’s an exceptional community of learning where students, staff and families come together to prepare our children intellectually and spiritually.




*This is a Private Prep sponsored post. All opinions are my own.