Mompreneur Spotlight-It’s all about YOU:

Welcome to the new Mompreneur Spotlight feature of Mommy Masters. It’s all about getting to know the woman behind the business. Meet Chitra Prasad-Patel from Evolve Personal Health. When it comes to passion, integrity and a unique perspective, Chitra comes to mind.

In one sentence, tell us what you do? 
My role is to help people improve their health and experience of life through self-reflection and improving their mindset.

Who is your target market and why is it important they take advantage of your services?
Our target market is made up of those who are suffering from chronic conditions, such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes. It is rare that wellness initiatives address the introspective aspect – one’s mental/emotional/spiritual sense of wellbeing. That’s what we do!

Tell us how you got involved in the health/introspective industry
I have been meditating for over 20 years. You can imagine the massive amount of change that happens when you spend so much time learning to just be still. I created my dream job – acting as a reminder for people that life can be infinitely better when we stop judging ourselves and others, when we stop reacting to every experience immediately, when we learn to pause…even for a microsecond. It’s in that pause that you can change the direction of any experience. 

What are your goals for your business?
As a business, our goal is to simply help people be more proactive and make the lifestyle changes they need to make to improve their health naturally. We changed our business model from a local office practice to an online platform to efficiently reach as many people as we can.

How do you use the philosophies you teach others in your line of work when it comes to your own parenting?
I am very conscious about seeing every experience as an opportunity to learn. 

Do you have kids?
Yes, we have one 8-year old daughter, Uma. She loves Evolve. Sometimes, she’s in the office after work. Last week she wrote on a whiteboard, “One small change and you can change the world.” 

How does your child inspire you?
I’ve been told often that she’s like a little Dalai Lama, and we’re often asked who she takes after. I tell people that she is who Vim and I will become. So, in many ways, we take after her.

How do you balance or rather integrate work and life? Perhaps you don’t?
Haha. They’re both one and the same. Work and life happen simultaneously.

Tell us something about you no one knows. Can be funny, strange, serious...
I pride myself on my elephant memory. But there are two random blocks that I have: 1. I have no movie memory. It is really weird. I can’t even remember titles. Vim has to answer for me when people ask me if I’ve seen a movie. 2. I have some strange block when it comes to Tracy Chapman. At least once a year I ask Vim if Tracy Chapman is a guy or girl. And I’m still not completely sure. She’s a girl, right? Like I said, random.

What is one thing you want people to know about your business?
We are the only coaching program of its kind. You cannot find another program designed by a doctor that will help you make lifestyle changes AND incorporate the introspective side of health.

Aside from work, what are some hobbies you enjoy?
Traveling to new destinations, reading (especially about consciousness and higher awareness), and playing strategy games.

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