When Cancer Strikes our Community

Her name is Trinity Faith D’Autorio. She is an adorable and vibrant two-year old who is fighting Cancer. A parent’s worst nightmare. Trinity was recently diagnosed on 7/28/18 and the D’Autorios have been taking the dreaded news one day at a time. Their focus has been on their daughter Trinity and creating awareness throughout the community.

Their lives have been turned upside down in a matter of three weeks. It all started with an annual check up at the pediatrician’s office on 7/12/18, where a small, soft lump, along with fluid in Trinity’s ear, was detected. Antibiotics were prescribed for an ear infection and 12 days later, the lump had doubled in size and had become hard.

After a trip to the hospital for labs, x-rays and ultrasounds lead doctors to believe it was a bacterial infection, the family left with another round of antibiotics. The parents felt that something was not right and kept a close eye on their daughter. Three days later Trinity woke up with an even larger and now discolored lump on her neck, and was sent back to the hospital immediately by their pediatrician. Soon after, the lump was confirmed to be a tumor and days later, Neuroblastoma on 7/31/18, which is a  “very rare type of cancerous tumor that almost always affects children. Each year, 800 new cases are diagnosed in the United States.”

Doctors tell the family Trinity will need four to five rounds of chemotherapy, possibly more if the NMYC gene is present. This would raise Trinity from a stage 2 intermediate risk to a level 3 high risk. Since she is so little, she will need to be admitted for one week for the necessary treatment, then sent home for three weeks, and will repeat the cycle again.

Good news was delivered when Trinity’s bone marrow biopsy was clear, which Trinity’s mom says, “Thank the Lord that means the cancer isn’t in her bones”.

Doctors educate the D’Autorio family that it is extremely rare for Trinity’s form of cancer to originate in the neck, therefore giving Trinity a two-hour full body scan to see if the cancer is present anywhere else in her body. The family is praying it isn’t.

As the family waits for more results to come back, the plan is to hopefully start her chemotherapy tomorrow, 8/3, and bring her home 8/7 or 8/18, depending on how her body handles everything.

In preparation for her chemotherapy, Trinity had a two-hour surgery where she had her broviac central line placed which she will receive her chemotherapy, IV fluids, and any other medicine and lab draws from. She also had her bone marrow biopsy on both of her hips. In a time of crisis, the D’Autorio family are still able to think of others and when asked for their approval for doctors to take a little extra sample to help future kids with this disease, they did not hesitate one bit. Their hope is by raising awareness and helping to further research this horrible disease, the world can be one step closer to finding a cure for neuroblastoma and saving other families from having to go through this.

Trinity also has a rare disease called Harlequin syndrome, which according to US National Library of Medicine
National Institutes of Health, “Harlequin syndrome (HS) is an uncommon disorder of the sympathetic nervous system characterized by unilateral diminished flushing and contralateral sweating of the face in response to heat, exercise or emotional stimuli.” It can be a sign of tumors.

The D’Autorio family has stayed positive throughout their daughter’s diagnosis and has embraced the massive support from friends, family and the Tampa community. From numerous comments of support and prayers on social media to meal trains, child care for their other two daughters and a registry of gifts and items needed, everyone is praying for Trinity and the D’Autorio family.

The popular Moms of South Tampa Facebook page, (referred to as MOST), has been a place of support and comfort for the family, as well as education and inspiration for the MOST members. Trinity recently received a surprise visit at the hospital from her favorite princesses, organized by the wonderful members of MOST, including Annie Everett and Lauren Rigby. The experience was captured by local photographer, Darlene Barlows.

Skyla D’Autorio continues to be present on the MOST Facebook page, sharing this recent message to the MOST members: “From the bottom of our hearts thank you all for the continued love, support and help. You all are beyond amazing and we are so thankful to have all of the MOST family behind us every step of the way.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Trinity and the D’Autorio family. They are all an examples of strength, love and courage.

Learn how you can support Trinity and the D’Autorio family at this very difficult time:

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Written by Ellie Hirsch of ParentUUp.com.

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