We Love Chewy-Toy Time:

Another home run for Chewy! This month, I decided to take a different path and get Penny a new toy.

She loves receiving treats from Chewy.com but since she is constantly eating my sunglasses, shoes, the kid’s homework and everything and anything that isn’t tied down, I thought it was time to get her a toy that is all hers.

Penny is a lover of all toys, some more than others and gets very excited when a new one. Most end up outside hidden in her special area so I welcome a new one. We all know when something disappears, to check Penny’s pile outside. Did I tell you her nickname is “The Penelobeast”?

The reason I like this toy is because it’s durable. The Beast chews up everything so I like to find toys that last more than ten minutes.

Key Benefits

  • Dental nubs help clean teeth, massage gums and reduce tartar while your pet chews and gnaws away.
  • Minty center freshens doggy breath making kisses much more enjoyable and a bacon flavored outside make this an irresistible toy for any pet.
  • Durable construction for lasting use so you can help keep your pet entertained and encourage safe, healthy chewing habits that save shoes and furniture from destructive chewing.
  • The unique design makes this toy easy for your pup to carry around since they can grip the center effortlessly.
  • Vet-recommended so you can feel confident about giving this toy to your furry family member.

Once again, Chewy.com delivers, no pun intended. Thanks Chewy! We RUFF You!